Summer Academy Year 9 Located: The Hill School Players: 146 Seniors: 64 Recruited: 60 Countries Represented: 39 Global Squad finishes ranked 17th in HGSL Circuit 60 International Camps - cumulative 15 ASEAN TOP BALLER CAMPS - cumulative 30+ GS alums made March Madness postseason 1,000 Point Scores Fred Brondsted –...


Summer Academy Year 8 Located: The Hill School Players: 145 Seniors: 61 Recruited: 56 Countries Represented: 38 60 International Camps - cumulative 11 ASEAN TOP BALLER CAMPS - cumulative International Tours Philippines United Kingdom 1,000 Point Scores D’Ondre Stockman – Fairmont State Peter Moller – Metro State University 3-point shooting...


Summer Academy Year 7 Located: The Hill School Players: 107 Seniors: 51 Recruited: 41 Countries Represented: 34 45 International Camps - cumulative 4 ASEAN TOP BALLER CAMPS - cumulative Nasser Al-Rayes nearly breaks Caltech single-game scoring record (37) D’Ondre Stockman helps lead Fairmont State to the D-II National Championship game...


Summer Academy Year 6 Located: The Hill School Players: 112 Seniors: 44 Recruited: 41 Countries Represented: 40 1st International Tour Beijing, China Amir Simms plays for GS team Caltech and GS alums featured in Sports Illustrated First-ever Pro Basketball Player Tony Korsah-Dick (Thailand) First NCAA National Champion Will Hoiseth –...


Summer Academy Year 5 Located: The Hill School Players: 87 Seniors: 36 Recruited: 29 Countries Represented: 31 Global Squad team reaches the Summer Jam Fest Final 4 20 International Camps - cumulative Lawrence Lee sets the single-game scoring record for an alum at Caltech (38)


Summer Academy Year 4 Located: The Hill School Players: 42 Seniors: 24 Recruited: 20 Countries Represented: 22 Global Squad featured in Sports Illustrated 11 international camps - cumulative


Summer Academy Year 2 Located: Washington College Players: 33 Seniors: 11 Recruited: 11 Countries Represented: 18 First GS player commits to college Brad Johanson – Ithaca College First-ever D1 offer given & accepted Peter Moller – Liberty University International Camps Run Int. School of Beijing Shanghai American School


Summer Academy Year 3 Located: Washington College Players: 42 Seniors: 24 Recruited: 20 Countries Represented: 20 High Academic Commitments to Caltech Nasser Al-Rayes & Lawrence Lee First-ever D2 offers & commitments Adam Holm-Weber – Gannon University Marc Fabricius – Gannon University 5 International Camps - cumulative


Summer Academy Kicks Off Location: Frederick, MD Players: 11 Seniors: 2 Recruited: 2 Countries Represented: 6 First-ever International camp International School of Beijing

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