It is not enough to just provide exposure. What matters is if we get our players to a school where they can play and graduate in four years.

Before recommending a school to one of our players we do extensive research and provide detailed guidance to make sure it is a good fit in these key areas:


ACADEMIC: Is it the right level? Do they offer the right major?

ATHLETIC: Can our player contribute to this team and at this level?

GEOGRAPHIC: Big city vs small town? East coast vs west coast?

SOCIAL: Will the school be relatively comfortable and welcoming?

FINANCIAL: Is a scholarship available? Is tuition affordable?

Global Squad consistently achieves the important objective to create 4-year student-athletes. Of the 200+ Global Squad players who have been recruited, only eight have transferred.

No other program (that we know of) can match Global Squad’s 96% success rate. International student-athletes who get recruited through Global Squad will most likely play & graduate in four years.


Global Squad has helped 200+ international basketball players get recruited to play basketball. Global Squad Volleyball will once again use the same process that has helped so many basketball players.


Global Squad will host a showcase event with invitations out to hundreds of college coaches. Additionally they will compete in an NCAA D-I team camp where coaches will be in attendance. In total, players get 12+ games in front of college coaches.


Global Squad has developed a reputation with U.S. coaches for having talented international players. Our coaches network is vital to the recruiting process. Players that join Global Squad immediately plug themselves into this network of coaches.


Global Squad players receive a professionally edited video to send college coaches. Our video productions have been extremely useful in getting players recruited because we know what coaches look for.


Global Squad players will be given a SportsRecruits.com profile. This online platform allows players to connect with any college basketball coach in the U.S.

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