This year players will arrive on July 15th and leave on August 5th.

The men's basketball program has been around since 2011. In 2018 the women's basketball program was started. 2019 was our first year for the volleyball program.

No, we will be busy setting up for camp and won't have the personnel to supervise.

Most players will fly into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). If players arrive from the USA they may be dropped off in cars by their parents or other relatives.

We have a shuttle system in place that has worked extremely well for 10 years. Students will be met at baggage claim by one of our coaches. You will receive that person's name, contact, and description before arrival. That coach will escort your son/daughter to the shuttle. You will get the contact info and details of the driver as well. From that point on your son/daughter will be under supervision from our staff.

Our airport drop-off is similar to the pickup procedure. Your son/daughter will be taken to the airport in one of our shuttles. Once they arrive to the airport a coach will act as an escort to assist the athletes to check-in and security. You'll know the details of who is driving and escorting your son/daughter to the airport prior to the departure.

You can, but we do not recommend this. If you fly into any airport other than Washington Dulles International we cannot provide our airport shuttle service. In this situation you will be responsible for getting your child to campus.

We have players ranging in age from rising 8th grade through upcoming high school graduates. Every once in a while, we've accepted highly developed 6th and 7th graders.

Mercersburg Academy is our 2020 location. It is about an hour north of Washington DC.


We have team vans that are driven by our coaches. Players are only allowed to leave campus in these vans with the rest of the team or in a vehicle driven by our resident life directors in case of an injury or illness.

We have several school tours every summer. This gives the players a chance to ask questions, see facilities, and get comfortable going through the recruiting process.

The players will have about 3 hours to rest between practice and dinner. They also have about an hour and a half of rest after the evening training and bedtime. We can provide a classroom and study hall time for players who need to spend some time on their studies.

While I understand that line of thinking, we always recommend players join Global Squad as soon as possible. The sooner a player sees the training techniques and drills the sooner they can implement them into their routine. If you wait a year and do what you've already been doing then you'll fall behind. Development is one of our main objectives and it's what were very good at. Developing your game with us is the best thing you can do for your future career.

The teams are divided by age and skill level. We hold a skill testing and athletic testing session on day 1 to see where the players stand. This will also help us document any improvement once camp concludes.

A typical weekend consists of either Division I college camps or competition against local club teams. The players will see some very good teams and players throughout the Summer Academy and improvement is very noticeable by the time players return home.

The morning stations include skill development, weight training, and classroom sessions.

On Mondays, the girls will visit college campuses in the area. Skill development, weight training, and practices are held Tuesday through Friday. We have four 45-minute stations every morning from 8:45  to 12:00. After lunch, we have team practice for about an hour and a half. After dinner, we have a variety of activities that change from day-to-day; sometimes we have another set of stations, focusing on specific skills, and other days we have contests or scrimmages. Guest speakers will also visit camp and discuss a wide range of topics with players ranging from leadership to sports psychology.


Yes. This is probably the most valuable part of our recruiting program. We're about relationships and we want to make sure players go to the right school. Our staff spends the next 9-10 months contacting coaches, sending film, and maximizing the recruiting opportunities for Global Squad players.

No. Global Squad has created an extensive network through our basketball program. We have players playing college basketball all over the U.S. – from Maine to Florida and from New Jersey to Hawaii. College coaches trust our program and are apt to helping international athletes play collegiate sports. We use this same established network to help our volleyball athletes achieve their goals of playing at the next level.

Yes. Players get seen by close to 100 coaches each summer, this is not an exaggeration. In addition to joining multiple Division I camps, we play against some of the best east coast teams and clubs that draw high level high school and collegiate coaches.

No. The only thing we guarantee is that players will get elite training and a lot of exposure. It's up to the player to play well and display Global Squad qualities while coaches are watching.

Yes. It's not one of our main objectives. But every year we have several players that ask about high schools in the United States. We have a great network of high academic and good volleyball schools that players are more than welcome to inquire about.


Yes. We've dealt with everything including food allergies, vegans, vegetarians, and those with religious restrictions. Players should notify us of their specialty diets prior to arriving at camp for these requirements to be met.

The players eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining hall. Players will be given specific days for trips to the grocery story to stock up on various snacks and beverages to keep in their room in case they get hungry in between meal times.

Players are responsible for keeping their rooms clean, picking up trash, doing and folding laundry. We take this seriously and hold kids accountable. We're trying to build life skills and responsible young people. Some of the best compliments we get are from parents who have a son or daughter returning home who cleans up and does their own laundry.

Depending on the room size, there will be 2-4 players per room.

Players stay in the dorms. They're very comfortable with A/C and a common room where they can relax and socialize.


Our athletic performance team, headed up by Chris Gorres and Mckenna Smet, specialize in injury prevention. They do a great job of monitoring the workload. These trainers work with the best athletes in the world and will take very good care of our Global Squad players.

No. Players are responsible for providing their own insurance.

There is a hospital 20 minutes away from Mercersburg Academy.

We have a tremendous athletic performance team that helps with injury prevention and rehab. We have an athletic trainer that deals with minor injuries like ankle sprains, cuts, and bruises, but players will be taken to the hospital for major injuries.


The campus is gated with 24/7 security. Also, our 5 to 1 player to coach ratio allows for constant supervision.

All of our coaches are required to complete an extensive background check conducted by the state of Pennsylvania prior to working at camp.

Our coaches have been in the college and professional volleyball world for many years and must come highly recommended. Many of our coaches have been with us for years.


There will be times when the players are brought to grocery stores for snacks and drinks so cash or credit cards will both work. Please take the necessary steps with your respective bank to let them know when you will be leaving the country and using your credit card in a foreign country.

Players will need to pay for laundry, 6 meals on the weekends, and various team activities. Some activities include the movies, shopping mall, and bowling. $10 – $20 per day should be more than enough.

We write everyone an official invitation letter upon request. This can be taken to the U.S. Consulate or Embassy. We have never had anyone rejected when using one of these letters.

Food, housing, training, jerseys, games, recruiting services, etc. Please see the “Summer Academy” tab under the “Volleyball” dropdown menu for further details. We do not cover lunch and dinner on the weekends because the players will not be on campus and each have differing game schedules, which becomes too difficult to plan. Essentially players cover 6 meals all month.

No. We leave this up to the families so they can meet any special accommodations necessary for their child’s transportation.

The camp costs $4,850. That comes out to about $220 per day. The food and housing alone is about $100 per day. So the other $120 pays for games, recruiting, strength and conditioning with collegiate trainers, Vertimax sessions, and learning from 5+ NCAA coaches.


Yes. We've yet to be in a situation where we haven't been able to meet a request. Global Squad truly is a melting pot with players coming from over 60 countries and many different backgrounds. This shouldn't be an issue.

Absolutely. We love when coaches come see what we're doing. The program is great on paper but it's even better in person. In fact, you're invited to come check it out. Come shadow one of our college coaches and receive the full Global Squad Summer Academy experience!

Sometimes we see players get homesick in the first week or two, this is completely normal. Camp is challenging, but by the time camp ends these players don't want to leave. We have a Director of Residence Life at every location to help with this issue and your son/daughter should feel free to use them as a resource.

Absolutely. We love when parents come see what we're doing. The program is great on paper but its even better in person.

Players must be in their rooms by 10PM with lights out by 10:30PM. The internet is cut off at 11. We believe in the scientific evidence that suggests screen time late at night is not productive for a good nights rest. It's vital for these players to get rest with the physical demands they face at camp. We have staff that go around and check to make sure the athletes are in bed and sleeping by lights out.

Fortunately we have not experienced many behaviorally issues. The main reason is these players and their families are making a huge sacrifice to be at camp. They also are usually very determined to get the most out of camp. Players will run for minor issues like messy rooms and being late to practice. Major problems like fighting or leaving campus will result in being sent home. We have zero tolerance for players leaving campus. Players will be briefed when arriving to camp of all of our rules and the consequences they will face if they break them.


You should contact Abby Wilson. She can help answer any more detailed questions you may have about overseas camps and get things finalized for you. She can best be reached via email at awilson@globalsquad.org

Absolutely, we offer coaches clinics at our overseas camps. Coaches are invited to sign-up where they can observe, take notes, and film (in some cases).


We run camps in countries all over the world. Generally we charge $20 per player per hour. This is an excellent value for international players seeking elite training from U.S. coaches.

We want to make your job as easy as possible. All we need from you is to help spread the word about the camp. Signups and billing are done completely on our website. We will need someone from the hosting school to give us access to the gym and it’s resources before each session – we are not able to bring equipment with us.

We are able to cater to the host school or club's schedule. We have run camps in the past that have been Monday-Thursday or Friday-Sunday. It really depends on what you and your athletes would be most available for. We run a separate session for middle and high school and within those groups we separate the athletes based on gender to comply with different net heights. Each session runs for around 3 hours each day.

We have such an extensive network of coaches that it is totally up to you and the availability of your athletes and your athletic facilities.

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