Do you only place players on the east coast?

No. Global Squad has created an extensive network through our basketball program. We have players playing college basketball all over the U.S. - from Maine to Florida and from New Jersey to Hawaii. College coaches trust our program and are apt to helping international athletes play collegiate sports. We use...

Will my child be exposed to college/high school coaches?

Yes. Players get seen by close to 100 coaches each summer, this is not an exaggeration. In addition to joining multiple Division I camps, we play against some of the best east coast teams and clubs that draw high level high school and collegiate coaches.

Is reaching the college level guaranteed?

No. The only thing we guarantee is that players will get elite training and a lot of exposure. It’s up to the player to play well and display Global Squad qualities while coaches are watching.

Do you place kids in high school in the U.S?

Yes. It’s not one of our main objectives. But every year we have several players that ask about high schools in the United States. We have a great network of high academic and good volleyball schools that players are more than welcome to inquire about.

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