Does the dining hall cater to special diets?

Yes. We’ve dealt with everything including food allergies, vegans, vegetarians, and those with religious restrictions. Players should notify us of their specialty diets prior to arriving at camp for these requirements to be met.

Where do the players eat?

The players eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining hall. Players will be given specific days for trips to the grocery story to stock up on various snacks and beverages to keep in their room in case they get hungry in between meal times.

Who cleans the rooms and does laundry?

Players are responsible for keeping their rooms clean, picking up trash, doing and folding laundry. We take this seriously and hold kids accountable. We’re trying to build life skills and responsible young people. Some of the best compliments we get are from parents who have a son or daughter returning...

Where do the players stay?

Players stay in the dorms. They’re very comfortable with A/C and a common room where they can relax and socialize.

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