How much money should players bring?

Players will need to pay for laundry, concession stand, 8 meals, and team activities. Some activities include movies, shopping malls, and bowling. $10 - $20 per day should be enough. This depends on your child's shopping and eating habits.

How do you handle visa’s?

We write everyone an official invitation letter upon request. This can be taken to the U.S. Consulate or Embassy. We have never had anyone rejected when using one of these letters.

What does the Summer Academy include?

Food, housing, training, games, recruiting, etc. We do not cover lunch and dinner on the weekends. With different game schedules, it’s too difficult to plan. Essentially players cover 8 meals all month as well as any team excursions including shopping, bowling, movies, etc..

How much does the Summer Academy cost?

The summer academy costs $5,925. That comes out to about $185 per day. The food and housing alone is about $100 per day. So the other $85 pays for games, recruiting, training with an NBA trainer, and learning from 40+ NCAA coaches. It’s a tremendous bargain.

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