Can players observe religious customs?

Yes. We’ve yet to be in a situation where we haven’t been able to meet a request. Global Squad truly is a melting pot with players coming from over 60 countries and many different backgrounds. This will not be an issue.

Can a coach come watch the Summer Academy?

Absolutely. We love when coaches come see what we’re doing. The program is great on paper, but it’s even better in person. In fact, you’re invited to come check it out. Come shadow one of our college coaches.

What if my player gets homesick?

We have Directors of Residence Life at each of our campuses to help when players get homesick. Sometimes we see players get homesick in the first week or two. Camp is challenging and getting homesick is normal. By the time camp ends these players don’t want to leave.

Are parents allowed to visit?

Absolutely, we love when parents come see what we’re doing. Many parents attend our tournaments on the weekends. The only request that we have is that you do not interrupt our training sessions during the week.

How do you handle curfew? Bedtime?

Players must be in their rooms by 10PM with lights out by 10:30PM. The internet is cut off at 11. We believe in the scientific evidence that suggests screen time late at night is not productive for a good nights rest. It’s vital for these players to get rest with...

How do you handle discipline?

Fortunately we have not experienced many behaviorally issues. The main reason is these players and their families are making a huge sacrifice to be at camp. They also are usually very determined to get the most out of camp. Players will run for minor issues like messy rooms and being...

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