Why do you have three locations?

The reason is because the two groups of players have two very different objectives. The older players are at camp to get exposure and train. The younger group is focused on development since they are not yet a finished product. The women are separate for safety and security purposes as...

Tell me about the locations?

Our younger group of players (8th – 10th graders) will be at Mercersburg Academy. The upperclassmen will be at The Hill School. Our women's athletes of all grades will be at Saint James School.

Where is the Summer Academy located?

We use two campuses in Pennsylvania and one in Maryland. Mercersburg Academy is about an hour north of Washington DC. The Hill School is about an hour west of Philadelphia. These campuses are about 2 hours from each other. Saint James School, our location for our women's basketball players is...

Can we fly into/out of another airport?

You can, but you are responsible for providing transportation for your son/daughter to the GS campus if you do this. We will NOT provide transportation to or from any other airports.

How do you handle airport drop-offs?

Similar to the pickup procedure. Your son/daughter will be taken in the shuttle to the airport. Once they arrive a coach will provide an escort to check-in and security. You’ll know the details of who is driving and escorting them to security before they depart.

How do you handle airport pickups?

We have a shuttle system in place that has worked extremely well for 9 years. Students will be met at baggage claim by one of our coaches. You will receive that person’s name, contact, and description before arrival. That coach will escort your son/daughter to the shuttle. You will get...

How should players arrive?

Most players will fly into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). A lot of parents drop off their players by vehicle. We do NOT provide transportation from any airports besides Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

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