Do you do anything for coaches?

Absolutely, we offer coaches clinics at our overseas camps. Coaches are invited to sign-up where they can observe, take notes, and film (in some cases).

What do you need from the host?

We want to make your job as easy as possible. All we need from you is to help spread the word about camp. Signups are done completely on our website and billing is fully automated through that as well. We don’t charge you anything in this regard. We will also...

What is a typical camp schedule?

We are able to cater to the host school or club’s desires. We have run camps in the past that have been Monday-Thursday or Friday-Sunday. It really depends on what you and your athletes would be most available for. However, we have found through our years of doing overseas camps...

When are you available to come run a camp at our school/club?

We have such an extensive network of coaches that it is totally up to you and the availability of your athletes. We don’t want to conflict with any school-related activities, but we also want to have a great turnout so when do you think it would work best for us...

Do you have a question or would you like more information on one of our programs?

Fill in your information and we’ll contact you shortly.

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