Do the players have any days off?

We have one day off scheduled, but we usually end up having 3-4 days off throughout the month. If we see players need a day to rest or if temperatures in the area become extreme, then we make the call. We’ll take them to the movies, bowling, or do some...

How do players/teams get around?

We have team vans that are driven by our coaches. Players are only allowed to leave campus in these vans with the rest of the team or in a vehicle driven by our resident life directors in case of an injury or illness.

What about college/prep school tours?

We have several school tours every summer. This gives the players a chance to ask questions, see facilities, and get comfortable going through the recruiting process.

Do the players have downtime?

The players will have about 3 hours between practice and dinner. They also have about an hour and a half after the evening training and bedtime. There is around an hour of downtime between the morning session and lunch too. We also can provide a classroom and study hall time...

Can my son/daughter play up for the Gold team?

We almost never move a player up to the Gold team if they are not a rising senior. The Gold teams are at camp to get recruited and that is 90% of what they do. It isn’t realistic and is unfair for a younger player to worry about recruiting or...

How are the teams divided?

The teams are divided by age. We hold a skill testing and athletic testing session on day 1 to see where the players stand. This will help if we need to make any adjustments.

What is a typical weekend like?

On the weekend we play in very challenging tournaments against elite teams and players at large sports facilities. They will also get to do some sight seeing and college visits in the US.

What is a typical week like?

Training, weight training, and practice are Monday thru Friday. We have four 45-minute stations every morning from 8:45 – 12:00. After lunch they have team practice for about an hour and a half. After dinner we have a variety of activities that change from day-to-day. Sometimes we have another skill...

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